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Today I am focusing centrally on racism in our nation’s workforce.

Yes, I am completely aware that our nation has an “inferiority infection”, which simply means that many companies in America determine our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pay by our race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation (although they may refuse to admit this).

According to law, racial discrimination in the workplace is protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866. So why are there SO MANY cases of racial discrimination and harassment in working environments?

In 2008, there were nearly 34,000 cases of racial discrimination and harassment reported and filed to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). I took the liberty of visiting to learn more about their policies and exactly how they operate when an issue is filed. I find it rather funny that when we research certain issues on a governmental webpage, there is never any negative feedback on ANY topic. So, I turned to my “best friend”: Google. And I found that many individuals complained about their resolution, in regards to the report to EEOC, as the end result normally offered mediation.

What exactly is mediation resolving? When you are an employee that does not have a prominent position at a company and you have complained against the manager, CEO, etc., how exactly is the issue supposed to be resolved? Honestly, it would be easier for the manager to find any meticulous excuse to fire the employee after receiving a report against their reputation. Mediation solves NOTHING in the workforce, especially when an “Average Joe” is going up against the “Top Dog”.

As a young, black adult that is climbing the social ladder in the workforce, I cringe at the rising statistics of racial discrimination in our workforce. It is sad to know that after receiving multiple degree, awards, accolades, and achievements, I may still be overlooked for a position or underpaid at a company because of the color of my skin.

So, what does everyone think? Leave me feedback below, I would love to hear your opinions!

Until next time!

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Silence for the ‘N’-Word

Let’s take a step back today to re-examine ourselves.

I believe that many of us have experienced a time where we have been racially profiled, discriminated, or even judged due to the color of our skin. But how can we expect to gain respect when we lack it for ourselves?

In today’s society, I see the glorification of the “n-word” used by the black race, a word that was used to degrade African-American slaves by their Southern owners in the 1700s is now a popular greeting shouted among Black individuals in passing. In the rap/hip-hop arena, artists’ music is littered with words and phrases that have demeaning and discriminatory backgrounds.

The "N-Word"

I was walking to my college campus library and as I was waiting for the library to open, I saw a Caucasian greet his Black friend by saying, “What’s up my n—a?” I automatically swung my head towards them in shock, as I watched them complete their greeting with a head nod and a handshake. Does society understand the nature behind racist remarks? Or have we become so desensitized by social culture that the racial slurs have reduced to everyday vocabulary?

Let’s wake up America! We cannot expect change to occur if we our belittling ourselves. Eliminate certain behaviors and words from your everyday routine before you decide to point the finger at another, on account of racism. You cannot fix the issue if you are a part of it.

Until next time!

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They Say Black Lives Matter

Shifting Thoughts

I recently listened to the co-founders of Black Lives Matter interviewed on NPR. I was just driving around town while listening, and I understand there is some controversy. Some people suggest that not only do black lives matter, but all lives matter.

Of course, all lives matter, but aren’t at least some non-black folks appalled at our current state of affairs? The insidious profiling that goes on in far too many American communities needs to stop. If I were the mother of a young black man, I’d be terrified. Our society is sick…very, very ill.

I read about the grim statistics for blacks when it comes to poverty, lack of educational opportunities, police-on-black brutality, black-on-black murder rates, incarceration rates, in-store security targeting blacks, banking inequality when it comes to blacks, landlord racism when it comes to blacks, and on and on … and on.

My head spins with anger and…

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I Want My Money Back!

Okay, I just finished watching a video and I recommend that everyone click onto it and view its contents. (Link provided at the end of this post)

Within this video, titled “Racism is Real”, I realize that racism has become more commonplace in this nation than many would imagine. It really shows how many individuals may be judged specifically by their skin color because they are not considered a race of ‘superiority’. "Black vs. White"

It’s sad that, for example, a Black American will be charged $700.00 more on average for a vehicle than a Caucasian. Why? Does a darker pigmentation equate to more dollars charged to their expenses?

Our nation continues to have a serious problem with the growing disease of racial discrimination. So, everyone what do you think? How can we cure this discriminatory behavior and put an end to it? If we keep our mouths shut, the problem will ALWAYS be there. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Until next time everyone!

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Link to Video:

Crappy Excuses.

Ever heard someone say, “racism is a thing of the past”?

Well, I honestly want to know what planet they’ve been living on.

I was at my office today and the television in our lobby was tuned in to a show called, The Talk. Their present discussion focused on a woman that went completely berzerk on a garage parking attendant because of a $15 parking ticket (link to the video will be provided at the end of this post). She made such crude and racial remarks that her words would probably make a sailor blush.  Not only were her comments insulting and ignorant, they completely berated the attendant that had to stand there and listen to her garbage.

I believe that some people need a reality check. Racism is definitely a thing of the PRESENT. As I stood there for a moment to watch a small clip of the video air onto daytime television, I could feel the anger flaring up within me for the horrible things that this woman said. I felt the sadness that the attendant must’ve felt from her vile words. And I felt the shame that the attendant felt, as he probably wondered how a stranger could deal out such insults over something so petty.

While many may say that this woman’s ludicrous and horrible statements were fueled out of anger, I stick by the simple fact that a person always shows their true colors (thoughts, beliefs, etc.) when their emotions are triggered.

My question is simply this: what did the people around this woman do when she was carrying on like a racist? Yeah, someone recorded it to spread it on social media, the tabloids streamed it on their website to exploit her, and she even ended up on a talk show. But what about when the incident was presently happening. NOBODY STOOD UP AND DID THE RIGHT THING.

You may ask: what is the right thing??? Well, I’m glad you asked! If we could condition the people around us to view racial slurs, jokes, and belittling as highly negative activities, then perhaps it can be cured.

Rome was not built in a day and I don’t expect everyone to instantaneously drop their childhood ideologies and behaviors and hold their neighbors’ hand while singing “We are the World”. However, I do expect to provide a small nugget, a brief token, and tiny seed of implantation may affect one person begin eliminating the bleakness of racial discrimination in their lives. One. That’s all it takes, guys. A simple comment of correction can go a long way.Fight to Unite!

Until next time everyone!

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Sidenote: Here is the link to the video that I mentioned; WARNING the video contains very explicit language, watch at your own risk!

Boston University Is Proof That University Campuses Are Anything But ‘Post-Racial’

What is Racism??

So let me ask you guys a question….

What is racism? Honestly, does anyone truly know the definition? If we look it up on, it is defined as: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

I asked an underpaid Black worker the other day and they described it as the White man’s efforts to keep the Black race “down”. But working at a fast food chain because you lacked the ambition to receive the proper educational tools needed shouldn’t be blamed on the characteristic of racism.

I took the liberty of truly researching the depths of racism, an epidemic that has been around for centuries in this nation, since our forefathers landed in this country. Racism isn’t classified to only one SPECIFIC race receiving discrimination, it is not an excuse to receive “racial sympathy”, and it is definitely not an opportunity to to blame a race for your underachievement.

Unite Against Racism

Let’s get one thing straight: racism is the ability to belittle and berate another race, to undermine another race by declaring the supremacy of another. As we continue to see an increase of racism and discrimination in our country, we should focus less on the ignorance within ourselves by educating ourselves on the past mistakes of our ancestors; let’s concentrate on what WE can do to reverse the curse.

Be inspired to make a difference; let’s change this cancer and cure our nation! Until next time guys!


Peace and Love,


Hey Everyone!

This is my first official blog and I am totally psyched to be sharing my thoughts and feelings online with the world. 🙂

So, let me introduce you to the general topic on my blog: Racial Discrimination. Yeah, you read it correctly. RACIAL DISCRIMINATION. It’s an ugly phrase with even uglier actions, that is spreading like a cancer across our nation. My job? To provide awareness about this “cancer” and the current issues that we continue to face as a result.

Because, as a nation, we need to FIGHT to unite; let’s not just talk about the issues, let’s take a stand to rewrite them. Let’s call it out!

Until next time peeps!

Peace and Love,


Racial Discrimination =
Racial Discrimination = “No No”

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